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Millefiore Resort Huizhou

Millefiore Resort Huizhou

Five-star standard accommodation and holiday experience

The hotel is located at No. 8, Jinshi 4th Road, Ruhu Town, Huicheng District. The hotel is divided into 10 floors in the south building and the north building, covering an area of about 18,696 square meters and a total construction area of about 53,948.08 square meters. There are 342 guest rooms in total. The atrium is a large outdoor ecological swimming pool. , facing the gorgeous sea of flowers in the park. The hotel will provide you with quasi-five-star hotel accommodation and vacation experience with excellent service quality, complete catering, conference facilities and leisure and entertainment facilities.


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City Center: 7KM         15 minutes by car

Huizhou West Lake: 12KM       25 minutes by car


Huizhou Airport: 30KM       40 minutes by car

South High Speed Rail Station: 50KM       1 hour drive  

Shenzhen: 110KM     1.2 hour drive

Guangzhou: 130KM     1.5 hour drive

Hongkong: 130KM     2.5 hour drive



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No. 6, Jinshi 4th Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong, China



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